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Choosing a washing machine

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Unless you live on Eastenders, chances are you’ll buy a washing machine at some point in your life. These workhorses are one of the most heavily used machines in our homes, so when you buy one it is an investment. There are hundreds of types of mashing machines available and we’re going to look at […]

Choosing a dishwasher

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Dishwashers help us to do the worst of all the jobs at home – doing the dishes. A survey of people who owned dishwashers said they would rather give up their kettle than lose their dishwashers. That is an astonishing answer but shows how much people love their dishwashers. If you’ve never had one and […]

Buying a wireless speaker

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Everyone loves music, and we take music everywhere with use, but with summer just around the corner and getting close to park season there’s no reason why you should be stuck with nothing but your phone for pumping out tunes. Wireless speakers are the solution to this problem, but what one should you buy? There […]

Buying a juicer

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Juicers have become popular in recent times with people using them to make liquid breakfasts and for taking nutritious drinks to the gym with them. In this blog, we’re going to look at the main features to look out for when you’re getting into the world of juicing.

Buying a TV – Choosing the right one for you

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The centrepiece of nearly every home, the Television is the one thing a lot of people couldn’t do without. It is a big investment, and you don’t want to end up left behind technologically if you’re buying one. There a lot of new technologies that have been coming out in recent years that might make […]